We've all seen some egregious product placement on TV shows and in movies, but 'Hawaii Five-0' has taken it to another level.

Monday's episode featured, essentially, a 50-second commercial for Subway.

It's so bad it's awkward. A man is sitting eating Subway, and when asked WHY he's eating Subway, he says he's "trying to eat smarter."

He goes on, "It worked for Jared, and that boy was LARGE! The best thing about Subway? They make it any way you want it...it's some serious culinary fusion." He adds that the sandwiches are "such a good deal" that he ordered five foot-longs.

Hopefully, this was an isolated incident for "Hawaii Five 0".  NBC's "Chuck" was constantly shilling Subway subs by having their character Big Mike eating them on practically every single episode.  Here's one example.

This reminds me of the Omega watch moment in the James Bond movie "Casino Royale". It almost ruined the movie for me.

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