Beloit College in Wisconsin just released their annual list of the things that incoming college freshmen are too young to know about.  You know...the list that makes you want to SHRIVEL up and DIE of OLD AGE.

This year's freshmen are the class of 2016, so they were born in . . . 1994.  Yep.  We'll just let that sink in for a second.  Now, check out 18 things they're too young to know about:

#1.)  For them, Kurt Cobain, Jackie O and Richard Nixon have ALWAYS been dead.

#2.)  They know Robert DeNiro as Greg Focker's father-in-law, not a mobster.

#3.)  They've never used an actual airline ticket.

#4.)  They've never had to carry their luggage, they've always rolled it.

#5.)  The NFL has ALWAYS played in Jacksonville . . . and NEVER in Los Angeles.

#6.)  They don't know why they click an icon with a picture of a floppy disk to save files.

#7.)  The Secretary of State has almost always been a woman.

#8.)  They think of Bill Clinton as an elder statesman.

#9.)  Women have been flying space shuttles and fighter jets the entire time they've been alive.

#10.)  They've never had to use an encyclopedia.

#11.)  They've always had BLUE M&Ms . . . and NEVER had tan ones.

#12.)  They've never known life without the History Channel.

#13.)  "The Real World" has ALWAYS been on the air.

#14.)  They know Mike Meyers as the voice of "Shrek", not 'Wayne' . . . and Eddie Murphy has always been 'Donkey', not a "Beverly Hills Cop".

#15.)  Little Caesar's has been doing "Pizza Pizza" for their WHOLE LIFE.

#16.)  They have no recollection of Arianna Huffington being a conservative.

#17.)  Quoting the "Royale with cheese" from "Pulp Fiction" doesn't resonate with them.

#18.)  Lou Gehrig never had the record for most consecutive games played in their lifetime . . . since Calm Ripken broke it the year after they were born.

Check out the full list here.

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