Color me surprised. Color me happy! Just don't color me as having yellow teeth anymore. Even though I smoked for years, my teeth are actually becoming white again.

If you saw my last post about my teeth whitening journey, then you know that I've always had yellow teeth. I smoked for over 20 years, I live in Lubbock with horrible drinking water that makes your teeth gross, and genetically my family has not-very-white teeth. So I've been skeptical about every whitening system out there. I've used many of them too, including the strips and toothpastes, etc.

But this was the first time I tried the bleaching trays -- kind of as my last option before I go have my teeth covered with veneers or replaced altogether. And thanks to James Thurber DDS at 82nd and Boston, I've got whiter teeth in just two weeks. And I mean noticeably whiter, too. They use a letter/number system to grade the color of your teeth. I started at a B3, and now, after just two weeks, I'm at an A2!

Check out the results in this picture I took below. This is the actual shade difference in what my teeth looked like, and what they are today.

James Thurber DDS
James Thurber DDS

I'm super happy and my teeth are only going to get whiter. If you have the same embarrassing problem I had, call Thurber DDS at 806-853-9406 and set up an appointment today. They're super nice people. I'm so thankful for their help with my ugly teeth, and I know you'll be happy with your results, too.

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