Tim Tadlock and the Texas Tech Red Raiders got a second win in the Big 12 tournament today against Kansas winning 7-5 over the 5th seed Jayhawks.

Bryce Bonnin got the start going 5 innings, giving up four runs and notching five strikeouts. It was the offense that was the difference, hitting home runs in back-to-back innings to spark the comeback, including this two-run bomb by Gabe Holt.

Connor Queen would notch the win, and Dane Haveman would get the four-out save.

The real star of the show, though, was Tim Tadlock who had enough of the game delaying interviews that the Big 12 makes the coaches suffer through at the tournament.

Tadlock straight up spikes a question that he's asked, and says, and I'll paraphrase here: "Hey idiot, don't you know we're trying to play a baseball game here?"

Here's the video:

This comes just a day after Tadlock's headset "didn't work," spawning this creation:

Tim Tadlock is a national treasure.

Texas Tech will now play West Virginia in the semi finals of the Big 12 Tournament.

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