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In the Before Times, when people actually traveled to and visited Lubbock, one of my mandatory ways to entertain them was to take them by the Museum of Texas Tech. Even with no out-of-town visitors, I still enjoyed the museum 3-4 times a year at least. It's soothing to meditate on the work displayed, and I always enjoy learning something new. The physical artifact of art objects or natural objects from the past connects us to our world and our place in it as humans.

Luckily this amazing resource has both virtual and physical exhibits to enjoy now, during the holiday season. If you feel comfortable visiting the museum in person, you can enjoy the following exhibits, along with many others you can find here.

Frida Kahlo's Garden- I firmly believe that Frida is the most important female artist of all time. Her work is visceral, vulnerable, and deeply emotional. Every time I've had the blessed luck to witness a Frida in person, I've been brought to tears by the majesty of her paintings. This exhibit focuses of the garden of Frida's famous Blue House:

This exhibition offers insights into the ways in which the garden at Casa Azul, the diversity of plant life in Mexico, and the rich cultural history of the country nourished the creativity of the world's great artists.

Lubbock Boot Maker's: Industry and Artistry- did you know one of the most influential and acclaimed boot makers in history had his boot shop right here in Lubbock. Willie Lusk was a pioneer in the craft at a time when black men had considerably less opportunity to make a name for themselves.

This exhibition focuses on two talented and innovated bootmakers from Lubbock. Willie Lusk was a premiere bootmaker. His unique stitching and attention to craft made a Lusk boot a prized possession, both locally and among the stars. The tradition of Lubbock bootmakers lives on with in the craftsmanship of contemporary artisan Brad Glenn.

Prefer Virtual? MoTTU has you covered with two awesome, related exhibits: Hats: Expressions of Creativity & Individuality and The Global Language of Headwear. I love fashion exhibits, they speak so much to culture and are just very fun to browse.

The Museum has adjusted hours, as listed below:

Thursday - 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Friday - 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Saturday- 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Sunday-Wednesday - CLOSED

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