Apparently two ice cream vendors have been fighting over the same turf for the past few months in Blackburn, England. And footage of their latest encounter has made it to YouTube.

One of them goes by the name "Mr. Yummy", and the other one's name is "Mr. Whippy." The video starts with Mr. Yummy walking up to the driver's side window of Mr. Whippy's ice cream truck and tapping on it with a TIRE IRON.

Then he SMASHES IT IN, so Whippy hits the gas and rams Mr. Yummy's truck. Mr. Yummy's real name is Zeheer Ramzan, and he says HE was the one initially being threatened, so he grabbed the tire iron and started tapping on the window.

He says he didn't MEAN to break it, but he gave it a pretty good whack. Mr. Whippy's real name is Mohhamed Mulla, and he claims the area is HIS turf, and Mr. Yummy has been harassing him for months. Police are still looking into it.