One brings the heat, one brings the sweet, and they'll both be in one location very soon.

Mitch and Kate Moore are married and each own a business that started at the Wolfforth Farmers Market. Now, those distinct businesses have grown up and are becoming a brick-and-mortar spot that's opening very soon.

They couple each started a business to bring folks a unique taste of their home and culture.

Mitch started Moore Cajun Smokehouse to show off Louisiana Soul Food. He grew up in the kitchen learning how to cook the Cajun way at his family's ranch. All his recipes are generational and come from his family to keep the traditions alive.

Meanwhile, Kate started Miss Kates Place to do the same thing. Kate is British, and when they moved here in 2017, she wanted to share her family and culture with the West Texas community. Kate bakes everything from cakes and pie to cookies and breads, all with her family recipes.

The pair is now leasing a shop at an Affordable Storage in Wolfforth. Their grand opening will be on Thursday, December 2nd starting at 11 a.m. until 2 p.m. or sell out. The address of the new spot is: 7702 F M 179 Suite 39 in Wolfforth, Texas.


Their website says this shop will allow Mitch to pull the truck in and out of the shop to serve with dining space inside and as they grow, the interior will slowly morph into a British Tea Room.

​You can find their menu and more about both of their businesses on their website or check them out on their grand opening on December 2nd.

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