Since the start of the pandemic, it's become a little more difficult to plan a bigger trips. Many folks are instead opting for "staycations" where you can act like a tourist in your own town and get away from your usual routine.

But if you're looking for a vacation with some Pixar flair, how about this awesome "Toy Story" inspired Airbnb in El Paso, Texas? Airbnb has become my new best friend. If you've never used it before, it's real simple to sign up and start looking up places to stay, experiences or adventures. It offers unique experiences to your liking and many are reasonably priced if you're on a budget.

This AirBnb really caught my attention because, like many people, I had to cancel my vacation to Disneyland back in March when the pandemic began. It's been seven months and although I'm salty that Disney STILL has my money, I still long for the day that I can go back and eat a churro outside the Haunted Mansion. Check out this cool "Toy Story" inspired Airbnb and maybe even book it for your next vacation.

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