Whether you need a quick snack to help you refuel in between meetings at work or something healthy and nutritious to throw in the kids' lunchboxes before they head out the door for school, you can never go wrong with trail mix.

Packed with healthy fats, fiber, antioxidants, and a range of other energy-boosting ingredients, trail mix is a delicious blend of fruits, nuts, and just about anything else you can think of.

"What I love about trail mix is that it's a great way to maybe have some of those favorites while also sneaking in some of that good nutrition," says Brenda Garcia, corporate dietician at United Supermarkets.

Garcia, who is a proponent of the 80/20 mentality, an approach to healthy eating that highlights balance and being able to enjoy the foods you love without feeling guilty, says trail mix is a great way to implement 80/20 into your daily routine.

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"80% of the time you're eating the things that are the best for your health and 20% of the time you sneak in those indulgences," she explains.

Plus, the possibilities when it comes to trail mix are endless. With the fall season officially here, you can try adding some of your favorite Halloween candy to your trail mix such as candy corn or M&Ms.

"I even love to throw popcorn in there because it sneaks in some fiber," Garcia adds. "Nuts are also a great addition to trail mix, especially cashews. Cashews are loaded with zinc, magnesium, and help promote heart health."

For more quick and healthy snack ideas, be sure to check out Garcia's blog Happy + Nourished, which is stuffed with recipes, nutrition ideas, and product recommendations. If you scroll to the bottom of their main page, you can sign up for their newsletter, which sends you helpful tips and ideas right to your inbox!

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