Sadly, Sunday, May 19th was the the last day for Lubbock's Urban Dessert Works.

Even the best eateries sometimes don't make it, especially here in Lubbock where there is so much competition.

"We hoped that it would be a place for people congregate, converse, and grow together over a scoop, shake, or cup of coffee," read a statement on the business' Facebook page. "Unfortunately, we have fallen short of our hopes and expectations and Urban Dessert Works will be closing permanently this Sunday, May 19th."

A lack of foot traffic was part of the problem, according to Urban Dessert Works co-owner Andrew Flanagan. This location, inside part of the old Hastings on 82nd Street, wasn't exactly street side.

The location will now host Pie Bar's second spot. Hopefully, they see success.

I believe in supporting small and local businesses as much as I can. If you have a favorite small and local business, be sure to remember them the next time you go out. They are our neighbors and friends, and a vital part of our local economy.

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