There was MAJOR DRAMA on a JetBlue flight yesterday from JFK Airport in New York to Las Vegas. The kind of major drama that can only happen when a flight's captain LOSES HIS MIND.

The captain of the flight was Clayton Osbon, who's a veteran pilot with JetBlue.  In the middle of the flight, he suddenly STORMED out of the cockpit and started YELLING about Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, and al Qaeda.

He capped off his rant by screaming that the terrorists had put a BOMB on the flight and, quote, "they're going to take us down."

Fortunately, that wasn't true.  He'd just gone crazy.

His co-pilot locked him out of the cockpit, and flight attendants and passengers restrained him.  The flight made an emergency landing in Amarillo,  and the pilot was removed from the plane.

The FBI interviewed all of the passengers on the plane  and checked it to see if there was a bomb before it continued on to Vegas.

The FAA says they're investigating.  They wouldn't say whether the pilot has been arrested, or whether his medical certification was up to date.  He was taken to a hospital in Amarillo for evaluation.

(CBS News)

Here's a news story that includes some footage of the chaos on the plane: