This is disturbing.

A Police K9 Handler is under investigation after video surfaced of alleged abuse of a K9 Officer that was under his command, according to Fox 46 Charlotte.

Warning, the video in the story below is disturbing.

In the video, the unnamed Salisbury, NC officer is seen clipping the dog's leash onto it's collar, and then swing the animal over his shoulder before walking to his car. At that point, video shows the officer forcibly slam the dog into the side of the vehicle, followed by what appears to be the officer hitting the dog once inside. In the background, other unidentified voices are heard saying "No witnesses". There is no word as to the extent of the injuries to the dog, known as "Zuul".

According to veteran dog handler Roy Taylor, when asked by Fox 46 Charlotte, he said that this was an example of what you should not do.

By slinging the dog over his shoulder, carrying him back, he’s cutting off that blood supply and air for several seconds, and then by throwing him in the vehicle the way he did, he risked causing some cervical spine or cerebral spine injuries to the dog

It addition to concerns over the health of the dog, the cost of the animal also needs to be taken into consideration, as with training, Police dogs can cost upwards of $25,000. The psychological toll on the animal is also a factor, according to Taylor.

Now going forward, the dog’s going to have to reconsider whether he gets out of the car at all.

Obviously, a lack of training and discipline is at play within the officer's actions. One must ask if the officer can act so inappropriate towards a fellow officer, in this case, how can he handle a tense life-or-death situation?

Police have the hardest job of anyone. I support Police completely. However, the department in question needs to do the right thing and step up, and not protect this scumbag in any way. The officer in the video needs to be made an example of, and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Not for animal cruelty...but for his actions against a fellow officer.

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