I love riding my bike around. But Lubbock is seriously lacking in fun places to go mountain biking. Well now you if you're willing to take a drive, you can check out Spider Mountain Bike Park.

Spider Mountain Bike Park is a lift served riding mountain full of trails and jumps and all the fun stuff you want to do on a mountain bike. Lift served means just that. You can actually take a ski lift to the top of the mountain and ride down, because riding up a mountain kind of sucks. And this may be one of the only ski lifts in the state because of our extreme lack of ski-able terrain. And while Lubbock does have some trails for off roaders like me, there aren't many, and they're not very well maintained.

Spider Mountain Bike Park is located at Lake Buchanan near Burnet so its not close by any means. But this is Texas and we'll drive for hours for a good time. At least I know I will. Check out more details and pics of the mountain at this link.

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