According to the video below, this happened at My Little Playhouse Learning Center on 50th Street.

I can't verify if that's true at the moment; a woman at the business said on the phone that they wouldn't confirm or deny it. They just said that they'd be issuing a statement soon.

The Lubbock Police Department confirmed that that video is legitimate, but that the incident had occurred on a previous date. The department is currently investigating.

What I can verify is that a daycare worker is seen holding a child up by her hair, and that is unacceptable.

In the video, you can see a young girl who looks like she can barely keep her eyes open and is trying to rest her head. A daycare employee won't let her put her head down or sit down and is holding her up by her hair. Throughout the video, whomever is filming is laughing at the spectacle.

I don't know the whole situation, but these women should NOT be allowed to work with children. You don't keep a 3-4 year old awake by force, and you DON'T hold their head up by their hair! This is absolutely disgusting, and I hope BOTH of these people are fired and arrested for this unbelievable behavior.

If that were my child, I'd already be in jail for beating the s*** out of this person.

Thursday afternoon, My Little Playhouse Learning Center, LLC released the following statement to the media:

The owners and Directors of My Little Playhouse Learning Center LLC were made aware of video footage posted on social media at approximately 11:45 a.m. Staff involved were fired immediately. Local authorities (LPD) has been notified and are investigating accordingly. Texas Department of Childcare Licensing has also been notified.

We'll update you as more details are known.

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