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Wagbnb (3305 116th Street) is now open in Lubbock for your pet's staycation, daycare, and grooming needs.

Here's how the unique business describes itself:

wagbnb is an upscale pet hotel, daycare and spa. We cannot wait to love and care for your pet in our luxury fear free facility. We offer a clean, sanitized, fun and safe place to leave your pet while you are away.

Wagbnb looks to be as all-inclusive as a pet place can be, offering services like boarding for dogs and cats, enrichment, daycare, concierge, spa, small animal care (like hamsters, etc), Facetime sessions with owners and training.

Wagbnb has already begun giving back as well, with recent donations to the Haven Animal Shelter.

To find out more about Wagbnb, or to see the gorgeous interior of their pet hotel, check out their official website.

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