Seeing Jesus in your food is old news, apparently. There's an auction up on eBay right now that's WAY better.

Rebekah Speights of Dakota City, South Dakota is auctioning off a Chicken McNugget she found that looks remarkably similar to George Washington.

She bought the McNugget almost three years ago. She realized it looked like George Washington and decided not to eat it. It's been in her freezer ever since...until over the weekend, a church sermon inspired her to try to sell it for charity.

So now, she's put it up on eBay. Whatever she gets for the McNugget will go to needy children who want to attend a church camp this summer.

And, for what it's worth...when you see the McNugget next to a quarter, it looks a LOT like George Washington.

As of right now, the McNugget has received one bid, for $100. The auction ends on March 1st. If you want to check it out, just search for "Rare President George Washington Chicken McNugget."

(Sioux City Journal / eBay)

Here's a photo of the McNugget:

Here's a link where you can see it next to a quarter.