I need some simple stupid entertainment right now. So I searched for some classic toy commercials to watch. Kids sure were easier to entertain back in the day.

If you need a break form the angry aisle of the internet then waste part of your work day watching old school toy commercials, because they're awesome. And stupid. and we loved them all.

The Swing Wing. A toy that invented headbanging before metal music was invented. Ah spine problems how we miss you.

You know that new pie in the face game? Its not new at all. It was first sold in the 60's:

I actually remember this commercial for Milky The Marvelous Milking Cow. Thankfully even back then I knew this toy was boring as hell.

Did you know that the original Mr. Potato Head toy was only the face pieces and you used an actual potato? Its true. But potatoes rot and people get hungry so those didn't last very long.

And finally the Magic Potty Baby, because what kid doesn't love playing with bodily fluids and toilet humor.


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