Competitive eater Katina Eats Kilos is the latest person to go viral for polishing off the 72 ounce steak at the Big Texan Steak Ranch in Amarillo.

For those of you not in the know, the Big Texan is famous for their steak challenge in which people have one hour to eat the entire steak, baked potato, side salad, roll and shrimp cocktail.

The dinner is free to those who are able to knock it all down during the allotted time. Otherwise, the meal will set you back $72. Winners also get a certificate, souvenir cup, free t-shirt and, of course, bragging rights.

Katina managed to wipe that thing out in 40 minutes and 35 seconds. While it’s not a record, Katina said it was more about the experience than setting a record.

However, she does make a reference to fellow competitive eater Molly Schuyler who set the record for eating a 72 oz. steak in a mere 2 minutes and 45 seconds. Molly ate just the steak at Sayler’s in Portland, Oregon, but I’ll bet a dollar to a donut that she could conquer the sides as well.

Now, if we can just get Stryker to make the trip to Amarillo…

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