If you grew up in Lubbock or you came here to go to Texas Tech from a different part of Texas, then you're definitely familiar with the long drives going in and out of the Hub City.

Unless you've lived in Texas, then you’re probably unfamiliar with just how large the state is. In order to get from one large city to another, you are looking at hours of driving. That's especially true if you're trying to get to and from Lubbock and any of the major cities like Dallas, Houston or Austin. And those hours of driving are full of a surprising amount of nothing.

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Even driving from Lubbock to a nearby city like Amarillo, you'll see the same thing. Once you're 20 minutes outside of Lubbock, it's all farmland and fields as far as the eye can see. The most interesting things you might see while traveling to and from Lubbock are cows, wind turbines, and a town that takes around two minutes to pass through.

This TikTok is a perfect representation of what you’ll see on your drive:

Due to the large population of students that travel from a larger Texas city to attend Texas Tech, this drive is far too familiar for most people in their early 20s living in Lubbock. I remember being thankful for living in Lubbock year-round when I was at Texas Tech because I would hear all the students from Austin complain about the 8-hour drive they would have to do right after finals were over.

Thankfully, I haven't had to drive all the way to Austin for Lubbock, but I have made the drive to and from the DFW area a few times. I will say, it can drag on and be a bit hard to deal with sometimes, but as long as you have some good music, podcasts, or passengers to drive with, it can be kinda fun.

If you’ve never taken a road trip with a couple of friends out of Lubbock before, I highly suggest doing it. It makes all the empty land and tiny towns so much more fun to drive by.

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