We all have at least one movie we saw as kids that totally MESSED US UP.  And for some of us, it probably STILL haunts us to this day.

The website FilmDrunk.com asked a bunch of industry pros...most of whom you wouldn't recognize...to name a movie that did that for them.

Sure, the list includes obvious choices like "Alien" and "Psycho", but also movies you might not expect to have damaged young psyches...like these:

"Who Framed Roger Rabbit":  The scene where Christopher Lloyd's character Judge Doom kills a cartoon shoe.

Here's that scene:

"Pee Wee's Big Adventure":  There are a few creepy scenes in this movie, but Large Marge is probably responsible for traumatizing the most kids...

"Superman 3":  A computer turns a woman into a robot...

(You can see the full list here.  Several of these choices are pretty odd, which is the point.  You never know what's going to mess with a kid's mind.)

The one that still really gets me is "The Neverending Story" when Atreyu's horse Artax DIES in the swamp....

For me personally, I can remember two COMMERCIALS for movies that absolutely froze me with fright when they'd come on in the middle of the night back in the 1970s.

There was "Suspiria"...where the chick turns around and she's a skeleton...and "Magic"...where you have to stare into the face of that grotesque ventriloquist's dummy.  Both AMAZING movies, by the way.

My mother also tells me I was afraid of Cookie Monster at one point.

What freaked YOU out as a kid?  Did it have a lasting impression, or are you over it?