It's April Fools' Day.  No prank is worth getting fired over.  Remember that, please.

I was wondering where the April Fools' Day tradition actually came from, and the answer one's quite sure.

The BEST theory is that it started in the 1500s.  Before then, people used the Julian calendar, where the year started at the end of March.  In the 1500s, the Gregorian calendar took over, which moved the beginning of the year to January 1st.

So, when April 1st rolled around, people would try to trick other people into celebrating New Year's.  And if people fell for it, they were called "April fools."  And that turned into the modern tradition of pranking people.

Another theory is that this is April Fools' Day because it's spring, but most of the time it's still COLD.  So people started saying the beginning of April was when nature would 'fool' them with unpredictable weather.


Companies are rolling out their mild April Fools' Day pranks all day.  Check out Google Nose, Gmail Blue, Scope's bacon mouthwash, and YouTube's "we're shutting down" video.

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