No one won the Mega Millions jackpot on Tuesday. Which means that tomorrow, the jackpot will be an all-time record $476 MILLION. If not more. Since SO many people want to win, more ticket sales could push it up to $500 MILLION.

Here's just how much money that is. If you're the only jackpot winner, after you pay the government its cut in taxes...almost HALF, those'll still be richer than a bunch of famous people.

You'll wind up richer than Mitt Romney, who's worth about $250 MILLION...Lebron James, who's worth about $120 MILLION and Lady Gaga, who's worth about $90 MILLION.

Want some more? Regis Philbin at $70 million, Will Smith at $200 million, Prince at $235 million, Kanye West at $65 million, Dr. Phil at $220 million and Brad Pitt at $150 million.

You'll still be poorer than Mel Gibson, Tiger Woods, Simon Cowell, Bill Gates, James Cameron, Oprah, Puffy Daddy, Bono, Adam Sandler, Mariah Carey, Michael Jordan, and, inexplicably, Master P.

Tickets are on sale in 44 states. The drawing is tomorrow at 10:00 P.M.

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