Michelle Obama "Let's Move" campaign just released new video where she's hanging out with LeBron James and other Miami Heat players.

And while the guys are talking about healthy eating habits, she's goofing around in the background the whole time. The best part is when she runs in and dunks on a mini basketball hoop...and then pretends to be all cocky about it.

Then at the end, they're all just sitting around eating apples.

She dunks at :25

I showed this to a a friend of mine yesterday and he said, 'Screw her! She's just another stupid liberal who's trying to run people's lives!'


To me, it looks like a funny video with America's First Lady trying to encourage kids to eat healthier. And she's got some of today's biggest basketball stars helping her in her efforts. Does EVERYTHING have to be political these days?

Discuss. Or don't.