I recently came across a TikTok showing a very futuristic-looking bathroom that is apparently located at the Dallas/Fort Worth airport.

The video shows a screen outside of the restroom with the standard Women’s bathroom marker and a section at the bottom of the screen that tells you how close the nearest restroom is and how many stalls are available. My first thought, as well as the person that posted the video, was how they know how many stalls are available.

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Many commenters expressed their first thoughts and concerns. Some thought maybe there were motion sensors to detect when people are coming in and out of the stalls. Others were worried that there was a camera system so it could be seen what was going on inside the bathroom.

Turns out, as seen in the video, there are lights above each stall that go from green to red when the latch on the stall door is locked. It’s like a much more high-tech version of those locks that slide from green to red on the outside of a porta-potty door.

I think this is a really smart idea, and these futuristic bathrooms should come to Lubbock. If you are in a hurry, this lets you see if there are any stalls open, and if not, you know where you can find another option. It also makes it easy to see what stalls are occupied so you don’t have to awkwardly walk around pushing on doors to figure it out.

These would be helpful not only in airports but also in malls and other large places with high foot traffic.

So this is my plea to whoever designed these fancy bathrooms: Please bring them to Lubbock. We want cool stuff like the larger Texas cities get to have.

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