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If you love supporting local businesses, this is a great time to do so. Holidays are hard on so many people and companies, and it is important to keep that in mind when shopping, eating out, or doing other things around town.

If you are able to shop locally and support small businesses in Lubbock and surrounding areas, do it. Something as small as buying your morning coffee from a local shop instead of somewhere like Starbucks makes a world of difference. These shops need your support to stay in business, so making that one small change in your daily routine can ensure they are able to stick around.

A great example of a small business that needs the community’s help right now is the Wolfforth coffee shop Tumbleweed + Sage Coffeehouse. They are a great little shop located at 610 Donald Preston DR, and they recently posted to their social media sharing their recent struggles. Apparently, there has been a shockingly low number of customers coming in recently, and they are absolutely devastated.

I’ve been to this shop before and it is a cozy, safe, space that serves yummy drinks. They are well-loved by many, especially for their support of the LBGT community here in Lubbock and Wolfforth. Due to this support, it is shocking to see that they are currently struggling with few customers stopping by. It just goes to show that any business can hit a rough patch.

According to their plea on social media, they need to sell 600 lattes in order to make rent each month. So, if you are looking for somewhere to get coffee, tea, or baked goods, consider stopping by there this month. I would hate to see another small business in Lubbock go under when the community can help them stay afloat.

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