We all knew Wonder Woman was going to be a box office hit — passing $100 million in its opening weekend, becoming the highest-grossing female-directed live-action film ever made shortly after that — and how it’s shattered a new record. Wonder Woman is now the highest-grossing movie of the DC Extended Universe, passing Man of Steel and Batman v. Superman in box office sales.

Forbes reports that in its 4-week run, Wonder Woman has beaten out Batman v. Superman, which was out in theaters for 12 weeks, and Suicide Squad and Man of Steel, which were both out for 14. Here’s a quick breakdown of all the numbers:

  • Wonder Woman (4 weeks): $330.533 million, with an estimated $331 million to $332 million for this holiday weekend
  • Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (12 weeks): $330 million
  • Suicide Squad (14 weeks): $325 million
  • Man of Steel (14 weeks): $291 million

And she’s not anywhere near stopping: We’re not sure if the winning streak will hold up, but Wonder Woman could be the DCEU’s first billion-dollar entry in the franchise. Which would pave the way pretty well for Justice League, and *cough* a Wonder Woman sequel. And it’s also great news for female-led superhero movies, female-directed superhero movies, and female-directed movies in general. Numbers like this show the studios that the fanbase is there, which, hopefully, means a lot more superheroines in the future.

Wonder Woman is currently playing.

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