It's one of the oldest pranks in the book: bring in a ringer that everyone thinks is lame and have them dominate.

Texas Tech Strength and Conditioning Coach Rusty Whitt wanted to spice things up, so he brought in the deadlift world-record holder to pose as a new transfer.

Cailer Woolam, the deadlift enthusiast, is a Lubbock resident, world-class deadlifter and a life-long Red Raider fan.

In an Instagram post about his time with the team, Woolam said he was introduced to the team as a new transfer named 'Kaleb Simmons.' The workout went normally until the entire team was standing around cheering in amazement as the new guy was deadlifting well over 700 pounds.

"We went through a whole workout of deadlifts, front squats, ohp and some other things," Woolam said. "Hit a few decent triples and doubles on the deadlift, just enough to make everyone say 'wtf is going on?'"

This isn't the first time Coach Whitt has done something crazy to spice up the summer workouts. He once invited John Cena to put The Miz through a table.

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