It's one thing to call yourself an Elvis Presley fan.  But if you're willing to buy a pair of the guy's STAINED UNDERWEAR, you've taken fandom a little too far.  And if you're willing to pay $16,000 for said stained underwear, you need HELP.

But a British auction house is selling a pair of stained tighty whities that Elvis wore back in 1977, so people wouldn't see panty lines on his infamous white jumpsuit.

The underwear is even described in the auction listing as, quote, "unwashed with some stains apparent."  And even so . . . or maybe BECAUSE OF those stains . . . they're expecting someone to part with 16-grand for them.

The auction takes place on September 8th.

Here is the item your $16K would buy:


You can see the actual auction listing here.

Elvis died soon after these were soiled, by the way. I don't know the date they were worn, but he died that same year...on August 16th, 1977.

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