The people who created this are REALLY confused. Americans don't want our candy to taste like salad...we want our salad to taste like candy. Come on.

The staff at the Houston Marriott at Hobby in Houston, Texas have created...wait for it...Caesar Salad Flavored cotton candy.

Apparently in Houston there's a Caesar salad competition every year, where different local restaurants try to create new innovative recipes. And the Houston Marriott's was definitely innovative.

They used a heart of romaine lettuce for the stick, then swirled it with pink cotton candy floss that contained shreds of Parmesan cheese and black pepper. There wasn't any dressing involved.

It's not clear what they made the cotton candy out of...whether it was the usual sugary recipe or not...because all the judges in the competition said the creation tasted NOTHING like cotton candy and exactly like Caesar salad.

Unfortunately, the cotton candy guys didn't win. Even though it was creative, the judges found that without dressing, the whole thing was a little dry.

The winner of the competition was a much more generic take on Caesar salad . . . a crostini with lettuce, cheese dressing, and a poached egg on top.

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(Houston Press)