If you don't have a digital assistant like an Amazon Echo with Alexa, or something similar, you should get one. They're really fun and can be useful too. Plus you can make them talk through different things with zero effort.

Not only can you use your Alexa enabled device to play Awesome 98 just by saying "Alexa play Awesome 98", but when she, or he depending on which voice you use, talks back to you, you can also have some fun with that. Take any of the sound responsive devices you find in stores, like the Christmas tree above, and just sit it next to your device.

There was one guy who used a talking skull thing.

And one lady used a Billy Bass singing fish too.

So get a digital assistant and teach it to play Awesome 98. Then have some fun with it with any number of talking toys.

Plus you can mess with your pets too.

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