Last night was a very exciting night in the eyes of sport goers everywhere…I mean you had the Miami Heat game going on the same time as the Scipps National Spelling Bee. And of course my boyfriend wanted to watch the basketball game instead of the Spelling Bee which is crazy talk…so I didn’t get to watch the spelling bee at all, but thankfully I DVRed it.

Thursday night was the Spelling Bee and all eyes were on 13 year old, Arvind V. Mahankali. He was the last one standing in the 15th round so all he had to do was spell one last word and he would be the Champ! Knaidel is a noun and its language of origin is German-derived Yiddish. Apparently, this word was no match for Arvind.

I am a huge fan of Spelling Bee’s…I may not be good at all but I can still enjoy it.

Check out the last word Young Arvind had to spell.

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