Studio 19 is a fairly new coffee house on 19th street near Lubbock High School. But once you get inside you realize its way more than just another laid back coffee joint. There is a basement too.

OK so having a basement doesn't mean anything really. But this basement houses a full on recording studio. There are multiple sound rooms that are all wired for sound set up, and run into a main room with a huge mixing board manned by recording engineer James Gelber. It has a drum room, a singing  room, guitar rooms, and even a green room! That't the most important room because that's where you goof off not actually doing anything. I like green rooms.

But above in the coffee shop they also have chill rooms with couches and pillows, and a live music room for weekend nights to jam. AND I had a triple espresso shot drink so I wrote this blog in like, 30 seconds too.

Check out the ad they made with Dork Productions who ALSO have an office in the basement of Studio 19.

Studio 19 is a one stop shop if all you're shopping for is coffee, video production, sound engineering, and coffee. Yes I said coffee twice. Triple espresso dude.

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