I've been looking for a new ride for some time. I have a 2007 Chevy Colorado that has pretty much had it. It needs more transmission work than the truck is worth, so it's time to upgrade.

I've been perusing new car websites and the like for some time and have some ideas. However, I thought 'what the hell' and decided to check out the crapshoot of websites, Craigslist, to see what I might be able to come up with.

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After wandering down a (somewhat) depressing rabbit hole, I stumbled across an ad that piqued my curiosity in a major way.

1949 Ford Pickup - $11,000

Our family is FULL of gearheads, so classic cars are in my DNA. In addition, as a regular watcher of the Mecum Auctions, I had to check this out. As I waded through the photos, I fell further into automotive love.

Classic Truck Spotted on Lubbock Craigslist

The description for the truck is as basic as you can get.

fuel: gas
odometer: 10000
odometer broken
title status: clean
transmission: automatic
type: pickup


power is from a 239ci flathead V8 paired with a three-speed manual transmission, red over gray

It's got "3 on the tree," which is going to be a challenge for anyone under the age of 60 to learn how to drive. However, when I saw these photos, I was smitten. Whoever owned this truck has made it a point to take care of it and return it to its heyday. Although there's no indication in the ad as to how well it runs, I'd assume that based on the photos it's definitely fun to drive.

As much as I would love to own this piece of automotive Americana, I do need something newer that can be an everyday driver. Perhaps if I can squirrel away a few bucks, I can convince Mrs. Lance to let me have a weekend toy.

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