They've actually identified a condition called "BEAT DEAFNESS," where a person's brain actually can't PROCESS a musical beat . . . which makes it impossible to properly dance to it.

Unfortunately, before you say "Well that explains it, I am a horrible dancer because I have beat deafness" . . . there's only been one documented case of this EVER in the entire history of mankind.

That doesn't mean there's only one human in history who had beat deafness . . . he's just the only one who had it diagnosed.

He's a 23-year-old who's been identified at Mathieu, and the team at the University of Montreal has been studying his case.

They believe that beat deafness comes from a disconnect in the brain between the area that identifies rhythm and the area that controls movement.

Their next step is to see if they can find other people with beat deafness, to try to learn more about what makes it happen.

(Science News)

This story reminds me of this guy who got caught dancing on the security camera at Best Buy: