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YWCA of Lubbock has christened its newest facility with its iconic orange letters. And with the setting of the letters, so too came a surprise for YWCA's dedicated CEO, Glenda Mathis:

This morning we celebrated our letters finally going up at our new location on University. It turned into a double celebration as our board of directors had a special surprise for our CEO: a rendering of the entrance to our education wing at the YWCA on University. It will be named the "Glenda Mathis Education Center" in her honor.

There truly is so much to love about this project.

This YWCA has remodeled and revitalized what used to be the Kmart here in Lubbock. As someone who recently lived very near this building, I can tell you that central Lubbock desperately needs more development and usage of these spaces. Otherwise, they become unkempt, unsightly, and potentially unsafe.

The YWCA's mission has always been "eliminating racism, empowering women, and promoting peace, justice, freedom, and dignity for all." All things I enthusiastically support.

This center will be a positive force in the lives of many folks. As a child, I utilized the YWCA to learn how to swim. Not only did it teach me an important survival skill, it also improved my physical and social well-being.

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