Recently, Buzzfeed compiled what is sure to be an important historical document: "Here’s The Best Doughnut Shop In Your State." Don't click on it unless you are ready for some intense food porn action. I'm talking really close up (yet tasteful) shots of some seriously delicious looking donuts.

The winner for Texas is Round Rock Donuts, in Round Rock of course. Their gigantic "Texas-sized" donuts probably helped them clinch the prize, as it is known that anything that represents the best in Texas must be really large. See: The Big Texan Steak Ranch from Lubbock in a parallel universe, aka, Amarillo.

I have not had the joy of trying a Round Rock donut, but I can tell you my favorite place to get fresh and large donuts: Rise 'n' Shine. They have a few locations in Lubbock and one in Levelland, and I love, love, love them. My favorites are the huge cherry flower and the decadent coconut cream-filled donut, but you have to go early before they sell out. Their fritters and cinnamon rolls are enormous.

Luckily, Wonderful Bob brings Rise 'n' Shine donuts to the station weekly, but some heartless monster eats ONLY THE MIDDLE out of the cinnamon roll. Every. Single. Time. One day I'll catch this culprit and bring them to justice. Donut justice.


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