The sandwich is one of the most glorious eats ever. It’s simple. It’s cheap. Anybody can make one…and everyone has their favorite! All week long, 98 Kool listeners have been calling, emailing and Facebooking their favorites. It turns out that the palate of the average Lubbockite is more refined than you would think. Nominations came in for everything from a basic grilled cheese to an Indian sandwich on some weird bread we had never heard of.

  • Reuben

    Jason's Deli

    It's hard to beat the Reuben at Jason's Deli.

    WordRidden, Flickr
  • Classic Ham Sandwich

    Honey Glazed Ham

    It's so simple, yet so good.

    mrpattersonsir, Flickr
  • Pastrami

    Pete’s Drive-In

    Just about everything the menu is worthy of this list but our listeners went with the Pastrami.

    Ron Dollete, Flickr
  • Giant Delight and Jake’s Hoagie (TIE)

    Larry's Giant Subs

    It's so hard to choose what to get at Larry's Giant Subs, but these two are our listeners favorites.

    jeffreyw, Flickr
  • Philly Cheese Steak

    Cap Rock Cafe

    It's a Cap Rock Cafe staple for a reason!

    Accidental Hedonist, Flickr