5 Lubbock Things That Weren’t as Good as You Remember
Nostalgia is a powerful thing. It makes you think that some things were a lot better than they were. Let's just think about the old days in Lubbock. Well, the old days brought us no shopping on Sundays, police raids on head shops and burlesque shows, the sometimes sketchy "strip&qu…
The 10 Best John Stamos GIFs
John Stamos is the star of some really funny GIFs. To celebrate his show with The Beach Boys in Lubbock and "Fuller House," we wanted to share the best ones.
Texas, According to Google Search Autocomplete
You can generally tell the general public's biggest complaints about something by searching "Why is _____ so ...." and seeing what Google finishes your search with. Using this tactic, I sought to find out what Google suggested for as many Texas cities as I could get it to provide auto…

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