Coven, of 'One Tin Soldier' fame, was a Satanic band. Who knew?

Interestingly enough, the opening song on their album 'Witchcraft Destroys Minds and Reaps Souls' was called 'Black Sabbath'...and their bassist was named OZ OSBORNE. And their album came out the year BEFORE Black Sabbath's debut album.

The group is also credited with being the first to introduce the 'sign of the horns' into pop culture. If you don't know what that is, maybe you should watch this handy instructional video:

Here's the family-friendly cartoon version of their video for 'One Tin Soldier' which was also used as the theme song to the 1971 movie 'Billy Jack':

The last "song" on that Coven album is a 13-minute spoken-word track of a woman being initiated into a Satanic cult.

It's so bizarre, it's just one of those things you MUST hear before you die:

There's a TON more about the band's satanic background. If you want to read it, just click here.