The picture above is my mom either giving me a spanking or saving me from drowning (or both) at Buffalo Lake sometime in the late 70's. Whatever happened, it made me cry. By the way ladies, that's the last time I ever cried.

Anyway, earlier this week, I asked you to tell me what decade you would re-live. I chose the mid-eighties. Back then, my entire family was alive and living in town or at least in close proximity and we spent a lot of great times doing a bunch of fun stuff together. Now, many of them have passed away or moved away and that’s a bummer. To re-live that part of my life (barbecuing, riding motorcycles, playing horseshoes and going to Buffalo lake with all of my uncles, aunts, cousins and extended family) would be incredible. I miss those days terribly.

Here’s that picture again of me as a kid getting ready to hurt myself on my sweet Suzuki 50 motorcycle that I used to ride everywhere…including the trails at Buffalo Lake:

We got a BUNCH of responses on Facebook and via email. Here's a few of your picks:

Debbie Thomas - The 60's were great for me. I could ride my bike any where in the neighborhood and didn't have to worry about strangers. The water tower in Clayton Carter was a great place to hang out on a hot day.

Vicky Pickering • Owner at Pick Records, Inc. - Has to be the 50s. Lubbock was a great place then. Major things were happening in my life then

Randy Hendrix • Mineral Wells High School - The 1950's. Life was simpler and the music was great!

Tony Guess • Texas Tech University - Late 60's early 70"s Tech was still small enough to enjoy

llakin92 - Probably the early 60's--all my family was alive and well. We had such great times then.

Angie Carroll Opland - My childhood days so i could be with my mom and dad again...........and still have my family i have now to come back to!

Bill Winner - That's a tough one, but Junior Hi days were fun at Buffalo. (mid '60's) When the concession stand had amuzement rides, and one of our crazy parents would drop us off to spend the night. We'd wander down late at night and get on the airplanes hanging from chains, while someone pulled one to make us go round. BUT! The owners lived above the concessions. We knew, while we were running, that they were not happy to be awakened. Then on to more mischievious but harmless acts of fun. (and don't forget Avalon Stables)

Jack Gordon from Slaton - In the late 50's when I was about 8, this had to be one of the great times of my life. Every summer we would have a family reunion at Mackenzie park in the family shelter near the south side of the park. All of my dad's brothers and sisters, 13 siblings, would come from all over Texas to fellowship for the weekend. Dominoes, games of tag, endless food and fun was part of the fanfare. Cousins of all ages gathered to run and play. All of the people slept Saturday night, even the adults, on cots outside under the trees. Life was easy and a sense of unending happiness surrounded us. The other day I went to the park with my wife and walked down the old side walk. The buildings are gone but the laughter and voices of a time forgotten were present.

Phil Hunt - Hey Landon, Man, the 60's were THE decade to live in Lubbock. My friend, Joe Scott, who STILL resides in Slaton and I would go to Texas Tech and hang out with his cousin Billy Jobe. We were only high school students in Slaton but to go hang out with a college dude was really far out! We had great times riding up and down 50th street and hanging out at the Arrowhead drive in. Not to mention all the movies we saw at the Golden Horseshoe Drive in on Avenue Q. Of course most of those movies that I saw at the Golden Horseshoe were with my girl friend....Everyone dreamed of going West to California where it was "happening" but looking back, I'd say it "happened" right there in Lubbock in the 1960's.

Got a memory of your own to share from a decade you'd love to re-live? Leave it in the Facebook widget below!