Ladies, if there is one app you have to have on your phone what would it be?? If you are like me you definitely have to have Pinterest

What is Pinterest you might ask, well let me explain it to you this way…It’s a virtual Pinboard with DIY (do it yourself) crafts, millions of recipes, nail and hair techniques, styles of clothes, home décor, and so much more…


I personally love it because of the millions of recipes I always try and let me tell you they work out great plus it has some great ideas for weddings.

My best friend and I may have a problem because we are always on Pinterest. Now my boyfriend loves/hates Pinterest because once I find a great recipe to make he gets to try it out, but its taking over my life! I think all that my best friend and I talk about is, “Oh did you see this on Pinterest?”, “I sent you a pin…", “Did you see that gorgeous wedding dress…”. That’s pretty much how it is with us.

I think it's time that my best friend and I start going to meetings to help our addiction to Pinterest…



Maybe not…it was definitely worth a try though!