For The Ranch Lover in All Of Us!
Do you know someone who could really use a keg of ranch? I know I do, oh and then there is me as well. I could use one.
Well, the fine folks at Hidden Valley Ranch have heard our calls!
Through the great folks at Flavour Gallery, you can now order a mini-keg of Hidden Valley Ranch just for the holiday…
What’s the Worst ‘Present’ You’ve Ever Received?
Last week we did the 'Restaurants We Wish Were Still In Lubbock–Landon’s & Kool 98 Listener’s Top 5'. This week we're changing gears and asking you about the worst gift you've ever received! Read more about it and leave us your story on teh next page!
5 DIY Man Food Ideas for Father’s Day
The only thing most of those gift of the month clubs are good for is a guarantee that something overpriced and mediocre is going to show up on your doorstep twelve times a year.  Ooh, another second-rate microbrew with a cheesy dog on the label...