Most kids want to be playing sports or just hanging out with their friends in their free time. Well that's not the case for 14 year old Flynn McGarry.

At age 10, Flynn would go home after school and practice his knife skills. It wasn’t long after that he started making simple dishes for some of his mom’s friends. Over the years he's entertained 12 people at his home monthly for an 18-course meal.

He started a small business, Eureka, which would host monthly dinner parties from inside his house. He loved cooking so much that he had his room transformed into a “test kitchen.”

What's the cost of of eating at his monthly dinner party? You're probably thinking it cost $20 to go eat at his small business, but you're way off. It's $150 per person.

Flynn had a few words of advice for upcoming chefs and other teens that had a great dream.

“At the point in your life where you stop caring if you’re going to be famous or do well, your dream will come to you. I did something with my talent and people recognized," said Flynn.

Flynn will be making his debut on January 30th at a Beverly Hills restaurant called BierBeisl, which specializes in Austrian food. He will be cooking a 12-course meal for 40 people. Sadly, it’s already sold out.

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