I just got the following message from the Lubbock Police Department:

LPD responded to a kidnapping call yesterday evening in the area of 6200 24th Street. The victim's father pulled his vehicle, which contained the child in the backseat, into a residential driveway and left it running. The father entered the residence for a short period of time, exited the residence, and noticed the vehicle was missing. A description of the vehicle was broadcast and LPD officers located the stolen vehicle a short period of time later. A short vehicle pursuit ensued, the stolen vehicle finally stopped, and the driver, who was later identified as Jontel Perry, a 17 year old female, exited and ran from the vehicle. Officers quickly took Perry into custody.

Officers checked the vehicle and the child was not in it. A short time later, LPD Dispatch received a call from a citizen concerning a found child in the parking lot of 2800 Genoa. Upon further investigation, it was determined that Perry stopped at 2800 Genoa, prior to officers locating her, and placed the child, in his car seat, in the middle of the parking lot. The child was unharmed and in good condition and was returned to his father.

Perry was arrested and transported to the LPD Holding facility. She is charged with Aggravated Kidnapping, Unauthorized Use of a Vehicle, Evading Arrest, and Endangering a Child.

'Kudos!' to the Lubbock Police Department for getting this kid home safe!