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Two parents in Lubbock have been arrested for child endangerment.

According to a police report reported on by Everything Lubbock, officers were called to a civil disturbance on Saturday, July 11th, at 207 39th Street.

Officers were unable to get a response after knocking on the front door, so they entered through an open back door. They discovered two kids walking around in diapers and found evidence of a cockroach infestation and unsanitary living conditions.

The two kids' older brother and his girlfriend were found asleep in the house. When the parents, 37-year-old Cristobal Medina and a woman named Deborah Ramos, returned home, they were both arrested.

Medina is charged with at least seven counts of Abandonment and Endangerment of a Child, and is being held on a combined $35,000 bond.

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