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Fernando Rocco was charged with child endangerment back in November of 2016, and is back in jail after it's said he violated his probation.

Back in 2016, KAMC News reports that Lubbock Police responded to the Amigos in the 100 block of North University for reports of a child being alone in the store. The child wasn't able to tell police his last name, parents' names, phone numbers or his address, but he was able to guide police to where he lived.

The child led police to the Corte Vista Apartments in the 100 block of Waco Avenue. Police then found Rocco passed out naked in his bedroom. It's reported that marijuana was found on top of a dresser and multiple meth pipes were found in the closet. Marijuana seeds and roaches were found throughout the rest of the apartment as well.

Rocco was given 6 years of probation for the offense, but it's said that from September through December of 2018, he failed to report to probation officers. On top of this, it's also said that Rocco failed to complete 20 mandatory hours of community service and failed to pay community supervision fees of $240.

As of Monday, September 13th, Rocco remained in the Lubbock County Detention Center.

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