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The annual Mr. Mustang event was held by the Shallowater Student Council on Thursday, April 29th, and they raised over $30,000 for a local family.

Baylor Buckner is a child that was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia last year, and since the Mr. Mustang event is intended to raise awareness for the various forms of cancer, the Shallowater Student Council decided to help Baylor's parents, Luke and Shayna Buckner, in any way they could.

Fourteen candidates represented various Shallowater High School organizations at the event, and each candidate shared information concerning specific types of cancer. They also performed a talent and answered questions in front of students and a judge panel.

Hannah Fisher, Student Council president, said:

We knew we could not pass up the opportunity to bless this amazing family. I know that there is not a family more deserving than the Buckners! They are so kind, positive, and grateful. They are such a great example of clinging tight to their faith despite the challenging circumstances. The smile on Baylor's face is what made all of the work worth it.

In a press release concerning the amount of money raised for the Buckners, Shallowater ISD thanked all who donated to the family and made the Mr. Mustang 2021 a success.

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