These sayings may sound foreign to people who don't live in Lubbock, but we know what we mean. Here are five sayings that only people in Lubbock get.

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    Lubbock or Leave It

    A twist on the saying 'Love It or Leave It' due to the fact that Lubbock often gets a bad rap for no reason (other than people just not getting us).

    So, Lubbock or Leave It...and we mean it.

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    A negative way of saying 'Lubbock,' especially when SNAFUs happen with city government, officials or anything else that people living here do to make us look bad.

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    Raider Rash

    Well, it's a little shocking what this means, but it is totally fits. Texas Tech had a 'rash' of STD outbreaks on campus. The slang term "Raider Rash" is basically a generic term for an STD you might catch from a Texas Tech student. Sometimes the truth ain't pretty.

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    If You Don't Like the Weather, Wait Twenty Minutes

    West Texas, and specifically Lubbock, is a prime example of this saying. Many of us have experienced this and I can personally vouch for it.

    One afternoon in particular, the weather went from 82 degrees and sunny to rain, hail, a dip to 30 degrees and light snow (Whew!), all within a matter of a couple of hours.

    How many days do we leave for work on a sunny morning and by the time we get there are looking for a car cover to get them out of a freak hail or wind storm?

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    Guns Up/Wreck 'Em

    To people who don't live here or are not college football fans, this seems like a foreign phrase. Of course, it refers to the Texas Tech Red Raiders.

    The term "Wreck 'Em" is in the University fight song. We get our guns up (it's the thumb and forefinger) and sport "Wreck 'Em" on our clothes, post it on our Facebook pages and hashtag our selfies with the sayings.

    Basically, we're just urging Texas Tech athletes to beat the crap out of the opposing team, thereby wrecking their game, self esteem and day in general.


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