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If I could've taken a snapshot of this one moment of my life, I could have framed it in a museum and displayed it as one of the most depressing sights in human existence.

Well, it wasn't that depressing when compared to the some of the things people are forced to go through these days, but you get my point.

I recently moved into a new apartment. Those of you who have been keeping up with my apartment complaint series are probably jumping for joy as I won't be complaining about that old place any more. My new place is nice and very cute, but the moving process is still a nightmare.

It was our first night there for my partner and myself. We decided to go grab some food and take it back to enjoy ourselves after a long day of moving furniture. We got back and discovered we weren't given any utensils.

No matter. Just go grab some forks from the drawer, right? Well, we hadn't moved everything yet, and that included my silverware.

So, I decided to use the cap of my water bottle as a spoon to eat my mashed potatoes. My partner decided to just use his hands to eat his mac 'n cheese and chicken fried steak. We cared not for the mess it made.

To top this all off, we didn't have any wi-fi yet, so our Roku TV that was proudly hanging above the fireplace couldn't be used. We ended up watching a YouTube video on his tiny iPhone screen that was propped against a jar on the coffee table while we ate on the couch.

"This is the life," I thought.

We have since gathered out silverware and will no longer be forced to eat with our hands, but I'll always remember the moment that my partner described as "the most depressing thing I've ever seen."

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