Lubbock has been the subject of a few nationwide stories. Some were good, most have been bad. So I grabbed five times we made it "big" in the news.

Five months ago, the most Lubbock interview ever was one of the better times our fair community went across the internet. This was the time the Texas Tech cowboys, who stopped a stampede from terrorizing the town, gave a great interview. (Editor's note: The video itself was uploaded back in October 2011, but blew up late 2016.)

June, 2015: Then there was the time the Frenship elementary teacher went on a racist Facebook rant, and of course she finished it with the hashtag #Imnotracist. Because just saying you're not racist should automatically erase all of the racist things you JUST said in your post.

Rusty Eulberg Via Facebook
Rusty Eulberg Via Facebook

December, 2013: A Lubbock man made a disgusting holiday meal when he created an H.P. Lovecraft-inspired turkey with bacon and crab leg, AKA the Cthurkey. I mean, it actually sounds delicious...but it looks hideous!

October, 2011: We couldn't have a Lubbock going viral list without at least one story/video about weather, right? And what's more Lubbock than a good ol' fashioned haboob? Except of course when the haboob starts an angry tirade from locals who just don't like the term haboob. First, the video:

And here is just some of the anger that proper usage of the weather term haboob has inspired.

Finally, we have the time Lubbock was named the Most Boring City in America. What makes this one worse is that even places like Wichita Falls were writing about how boring we are. Really, WF? Have you seen our haboobs? Those are anything BUT boring.

While this definitely isn't a definitive list, its just literally the first five things that popped up in my Google search. I'm sure I'll do it again and find five MORE things that we went viral for, both good and bad.

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